Dilan Uluc

Sales Supervisor

Loyal Customers Flow Naturally from Salespeople Who Put the Customer First, says Dilan Uluc. Says One basic premise guides Dilan Uluc, a seasoned sales supervisor who produces steady development in revenues and sales through his efforts. Customer loyalty is built on the ability to demonstrate genuine concern for your consumers by providing them with superior service beyond what they anticipated was achievable. When it comes to the hard and competitive climate of retail sales, Dilan Uluc utilizes this principle to the highest degree. Our discussion of her service ethic will continue later, but first, we'll let Dilan Uluc describe herself in her own words, which she graciously agreed to share with us. That fact alone reveals a lot about Dilan Uluc's character. 

The challenges of working in retail, which is a demanding and fast-paced workplace, have been met in the last two years, as well as the two years before that. She has dealt with the individual requirements of each and every customer who has walked through the door, and, like everyone else who has persevered in retail over the last four years, she has done it in the most challenging economic conditions that most of us have ever experienced in our lives. It has been Dilan's experience that complex customer concerns are forwarded to him when a floor salesperson replies, "I'll have to check with my supervisor." She devises strategies to meet the needs of clients and close transactions. She exemplifies the tact and honesty that her floor team will require in order to maintain positive client connections and increase their own sales productivity.